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BMW, founded in 1916 in Munich, the Bayerische Motoren Werke was above all a company of construction of engines of aircraft. After the German defeat of 1918, BMW had to reconvert into the production of cars, trucks and motorcycles. A wise and inspired reconversion, since today BMW is recognized as one of the most innovative automobile brands, both in terms of aesthetics and design, and its cutting-edge technologies.

Now BMW is positioning itself with top-of-the-range, sporty and luxurious models that have nothing to envy to those of its main competitor (and neighbor) Mercedes-Benz.

About the BMW Photos

Amaury Dubois pays tribute to the emblematic Bavarian brand by capturing some subtle details, making visible what was hidden, and reinventing in a unique way the emotion, fascination and enthusiasm that the brand arouses.

  • Art Photo Bmw 328 1938 Photography Signed & Limited | Edition of 30 : - Edition of 10 on Diasec or Canvas on alu frame | Custom size over 70cm - Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 310gr | 70x70cm - Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 310gr | 50x50cmNeed Help ? Contact Art Photo Car

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