Amaury Dubois was born in 1980, he lives and works in the North of France. He took part of many exhibitions.

Auto Heroes is a newcomer on the highly competitive market of car magazines. Its focus is on the men and women who are icons in the automotive field. Thus, Amaury Dubois had the honour of being chosen to be the topic of one of their features. On this occasion, the artist was able to get through all the nuts and bolts of his artistic process, his photography, his unique approach. In these pages, Amaury's work techniques are explained step by step, from shooting to final assembly through the careful consideration to select the photographs—“It's a house of cards”.

Readers of the article will get up close and personal with Amaury's creative process, and discover a work which is at the same time complex and methodical but also gratifying through the feelings it creates. His sources of inspiration, what drives him and his specific artistic style are also written about in detail—“The idea is to create a mental picture/vision of a car.”

“Amaury loves cars, but he does in his own way, by deassembling them before reassembling them like puzzles according to his fancy.” The artist can deal with any type of vehicle, from Porshe 911 classic to the very modern DB11 Aston Martin, the British brand's flagship model.

Amaury Dubois proposes us his interpretation of these classic car, by immersing it in the modernity and by decomposing it from every corner to better recompose it. 

Regular photographs (numbered) and fine art photographs (numbered and signed) are available in print, limited number fine art photographs, posters, framed versions and plexiglas. Several formats and sizes are available depending on your needs—interior decoration, exhibition, special event, printed press, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact Amaury Dubois for any specific request(s) that you may have.

You can also find the other automobiles photographies on the artist’s website.