The German Magazine "Automobile Motor and sport" shares the work of the artist and presents the way it re-imagines the symbolic cars by its style, mixture of cubism and surrealism.

"Amaury Dubois fotografiert seine Objekte mehrfach und mischt dan Versatzstücke der einzelnen Aufnahmen zu einem neuen Ganzen. So ergeben sich für den Betrachter immer wieder neue Fixpunkte an denen das Auge ansetzt. Die Collagen scheinen Bewegung einzufrieren."

"the automobile in an artistic way
These pictures of art of a very special kind are presented to us by Amaury Dubois. In his photographs, the Frenchman mixes Surrealism with Cubism with the automobile world.
The Ferrari 328 GTS seems strangely fragmented and yet, in a way, balanced. Amaury Dubois photographed his cars several times and mixed the hundreds of photographs in a new composition.
In this way, the spectator always has new fixed points to discover. The collages seem to freeze the movement. Dubois presented his Automotive Photos for the first time at the Retromobile 2016 in Paris. As a result, the works have crossed Europe through numerous exhibitions. The photos of Amaury Dubois can also be found on her website: See also the "belle Allemande publication"