Art Photo Corvette C1II

Art Photo Corvette C1 II - 1962

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Fine art Photography of the Corvette C1. Hundreds of photos assembled together to create an artistic vision of this car. Photo credits "Corvette C1 II"

The 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1, photographed by Amaury Dubois, the forerunner of the future Chevrolet's best-selling Sting Ray C2, is regarded by many car enthusiasts and collectors as the "American sports classic, Marylin Monroe Cars ". Seductive, voluptuous, inflamed, fast, sexy, emblematic, immortal and unforgettable. It must be said that the C1 of 1962 was a sports car that clearly broke with the traditions established until then.

This fiberglass "Vette" was wide and low, with a much lower seating position than other sports in its class. This style has focused on the most special of the American sports with respect to the other annoying supercars of its time. Its interior was also extremely luxurious and well finished, and it was on this 1962 model that the Corvette C1 chrome grate grille feature disappeared in favor of a fine mesh screen in the radiator opening, The round escutcheon of the mark at the front faded somewhat, now overlooking the word "CORVETTE" siglé across the width of the hood.

About The photography

Amaury Dubois marvelously combines his passion for art photography and his enthusiasm for exceptional cars by creating a work in a dynamic and unique style. The artist gives you an original vision of this Chevrolet Corvette C1. Photography available at Yellow Korner Gallery.