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Along with Austin-Healey and MG, Triumph adopts the pure and refined British style so much appreciated by classic British car collectors. Already, in the early 1930's, Triumph was able to set the tone with the majestic Triumph SS1 and Triumph Dolomite Straight Eight.

Starting in 1950, Triumph began working on sports car models. It launched the TR1 (Triumph Roadster 1) in 1952, which was to give birth to a whole line of sports models (TR) which became not only the brand's greatest commercial success, but also its most emblematic cars. Triumph roadsters were so popular in their day that many of them became stars on the silver screen, notably in James Bond's films.

Triumph Numbered Fine Art Prints

Amaury Dubois shares his love of exceptional cars through photographs that transcend the myths.

The Automotive Triumph artwork of Amaury Dubois, which is often praised by the specialized automotive press, offers a personal vision of the subject he photographs and seeks to convey an emotion.

Each Triumph photo is available in limited edition and numbered, Different sizes are also available, in the form of high quality photography, posters, fine art prints, or high-quality Plexiglas.

If you have a Car Art project, an event etc Do not hesitate to contact Amaury Dubois for special requests.

  • Triumph Photo  Limited & Numbered Photography Numbered edition available under Acrylic glass or on 250gr/m2 photo Paper You have a request, want to buy, a question.... please contact art-photo-car

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