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Icon of Porsche, rediscover the short history of the Porsche 356 and the different photographic paintings made by the artist Amaury Soares on it.

Third car produced by the German brand but the very first to bear the name "Porsche", the 356 is an emblem among emblems. Produced from 1948 to 1965 in a total of 76,000 units, of which only about half remain today according to automotive experts, the 356 is inseparable from Porsche's history.

Designed by Ferry Porsche on the basis of Volkswagen Beetle mechanics and in particular the flat four-cylinder Boxer engine, it was a success from the moment it was launched on the market. Thanks to its lightness, agility and smooth construction, it will give Porsche its solid reputation for the quality of its vehicles. The success of the little German car spread beyond the borders of Germany and reached as far as the United States, where Hollywood stars of the time were very fond of it, such as the actor James Dean, before he turned to the Porsche 550.

The Porsche 356 was also a race car that, thanks to its great handling, was able to make much more powerful cars look good. Today, it enjoys an impressive list of race wins that would be too long to list! We will therefore only cite a few examples such as the European Rally Championship (1953 - first edition, 1961), the Berlin Grand Prix in 1954 and 1955, the first edition of the 9 Hours of South Africa in 1958, or the Coupe des Dames at the Tour de France automobile race, 5 times from 1954 to 1961!

A series of signed and limited artworks

By decomposing the Porsche 356 through hundreds of shots, and then delivering a destructured recomposition of it to the rhythm of its curves, Amaury Soares delivers contemporary artworks that perfectly highlight the 356. Hypnotic work of arts where contemplation never stops, our gaze getting lost in the richness of details. 

The artist invites you to discover below all the works created around this car. Browse through the different photographs, on photo paper or aluminium dibond, extracted from the shooting of the car. Then immerse yourself in the art photographs of front or profile, composed of about a hundred of these pictures, presented in a signed and limited luxury edition on Diasec glass or as fine art prints.


Diasec artworks under glass, fine art print editions or limited photographs of the shootings,
discover below all the artworks created by the artist Amaury Soares around the Porsche 356.