Supports & Finishings

Like the cars they represent, the automotive paintings created by Amaury Soares in his art studio are truly exceptional works. Each photograph is unique and its printing must be of exceptional quality.

Signature & Certificate of Authenticity

All of Amaury Soares' works are produced in very limited editions and have a unique print number.

Each fine art photograph and fine art print on paper is signed and numbered by the artist in his art studio. The art photographs and art prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, including the name and numbering of the photograph acquired.

The automobile detail photo is only limited and numbered to 90 copies.

Oeuvre automobile signée et limitée


Printing of the Art Photographs & Proposed Supports

Hundreds of hours are necessary to create a work. The choice of materials and the printing method for the automobile paintings must therefore be very rigorous in order to keep all the brilliance of the original work, and to ensure its perfect conservation over time.

Each Amaury Soares photograph is printed using materials exclusively dedicated to the reproduction of works of art, on carefully selected printing media. According to your needs and requirements, 3 types of supports are proposed for each work: the Art Paper, the Photo Paper under Plexiglass and the Canvas on aluminium frame.

 Photographie automobile edition limitée

Hahnemühle Art Paper Edition 

Hahnemuhle art paper edition From 50cm to 100cm. Signed & Limited with certificate of authenticity. Framing in Option possible.

 Photographie grand format automobile

Editing on Fuji photo paper under Plexiglass 4+4mm

From 80cm to 230cm. Signed & Limited with certificate of authenticity

 Photographie grand format voiture

Edition on Canvas stretched on aluminum frame

Edition canvas stretched on aluminum frame From 200 to 400cm



UltraHD photo print under Plexiglas 4 + 4 mm Signed & limited edition + certificate of authenticity

Acrylic glass is light, shatterproof and resistant to temperature fluctuations. The properties of your photo print are intensified when it is mounted under glossy acrylic glass, which highlights the vivid colour and enhances the impression of depth.

Ford mustang Bullitt art

The Bestseller Under Acrylic Glass As An ultraHD Print

2) PAPER Photo print & elastic silicone seal
3) BACKING Robust aluminium Dibond backing

The characteristics of the razor sharp ultraHD Photo Print are exhibited perfectly under acrylic glass. The light, shatterproof material enhances the appearance, making the colours and depth really pop. The 3 mm aluminium Dibond backing consists of two layers of aluminium sandwiched around a polyethylene core. This completes the overall look while providing additional stability.

Maximum details and precise contours

Your Fine Art Photography is edited on Fujifilm designed photo paper, Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima paper is the best support for your ultraHD print.
  • Even higher contrast through deeper black tones
  • Massive luminosity and light-resistance
  • Increased dynamic range for precise light gradation 

UltraHD photo prints under acrylic glass bring out the finest details in your photos. An ultraHD photo print under acrylic glass makes the exact contours and richness of detail even more impressive.
photo automobile

Photographie Porsche

More Color Space Volume And Light-Resistance For Your Acrylic ultraHD Photo Print

With the new Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the volume of the color space has been increased an additional 21%. Darker and very saturated colors in particular are more brilliant and depicted with more detail.
Even the modern LED lights often found in galleries and museums cannot do these ultraHD prints harm – improved resistance to light guarantees the true colors last and last. 

Perfect Hanging Systems For Your Photo Print Under Glossy Acrylic Glass

  • We select and attach different hanging systems depending on the size.
  • All of our hanging systems are compatible with gallery rails.

A rectangular frame in aluminium profile is installed in the back of this one. This structure will rigidify the work and offer you a simple and safe wall hanging system. This structure of hanging also confers to the work an exceptional setting in front, thanks to a three-dimensional return and the feeling that the work is taken off the wall.



Edition Canvas stretched on aluminum frame

Whether it is a museum, a car showroom, or a storage area for classic cars, the stretched canvas on an aluminum frame adapts to all architectural constraints with customized dimensions up to 200x400cm. It also allows a fast installation with a very high quality decorative effect.

Amaury Dubois' works on stretched canvas are printed by dye sublimation. This printing technique makes it possible to obtain extra-large formats, of a remarkable quality.

For an even more qualitative rendering, the prints are made on Ublock 240g canvas occulting standard B1.2 cm thick aluminum frames (in natural or black aluminum color).




Hahnemühle Art Paper Edition

Amaury Soares chose Photo Rag® 308 gr/m2, 100% White Cotton, Hahnemühle's internationally renowned fine art photo paper, in order to offer perfect sharpness while guaranteeing a faithful and realistic reproduction of his works. Combined with the FineArt printing technique, each gradation, each nuance of color produces a subtle effect highlighting every detail of the work.

Photo Rag® paper also has the particularity of having its own texture, allowing it to preserve the specific touch of a real art paper. This paper meets the highest standards of the art world in terms of density, color gamut, and image sharpness.

photographie formule 1 edition limitée photo voiture


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