Amaury Dubois, automobile photographer, and artist from Lille, France has earned the respect of his peers and clients by offering original works of impeccable quality which comply with the requirements of the most prestigious museums and galleries around the world.


All photography by Amaury Dubois are made in a very limited edition and have a unique print number according to the model.
Furthermore, to guarantee its authenticity on the art market, each ART PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTS are signed by the artist. Photos on Diasec finition are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. This includes his name and the reproduction of the acquired photograph.

photographie signée numérotées


Hundreds of hours are spent creating a single work. Therefore, it is essential that printing and materials possess an exceptional quality of rendering and conservation.
Thus, every Amaury Dubois' photograph is printed using materials exclusively dedicated to reproducing works of art, on print media carefully selected to give the work its full splendor.

Depending on your needs and your requirements, 3 types of media are available for each work:
Art paper, Diasec® and canvas on foil frame.


Amaury Dubois selected Photo Rag®, the internationally renowned Hahnemühle art photo paper, to offer perfect sharpness to his work, while guaranteeing faithful and realistic reproduction. Combined with the FineArt printing technique, each gradient, each shade of color produces a subtle effect that transcends the work down to the smallest details.


Photo Rag® also has the distinctiveness of having a unique texture that preserves the feel and touch that is so specific to real art paper.

This paper meets the highest standards of the industry for density, color range, and sharpness of the image.

Hahnemuhle Paper Photo Rag 308 gr/m2, White cotton


Diasec® comprises a patent to preserve the photographic image. Amaury Dubois works with a photo laboratory in Brussels, one of the few European license holders for Diasec®.
The Diasec® method, combined with Fujifilm paper, will provide outstanding color performance for more than 100 years. (National Test Laboratory in Accelerated Aging following 100 exposures under museum conditions.)

In addition, it offers the potential of making giant prints, up to 250cm.

photographie-art-ferrariPorsche 918 photography painting

Diasec® offers many advantages:

-The front of the work adheres without any glue to the back of a transparent plexiglass through a chemical reaction between two liquid components.

- A black-tinted plexiglass in the mass complements the Diasec on the back.

- The Diasec® system contains no air bubbles, glue or dust.

- The plexiglass filters 99.7% of the UV rays, thus preserving the work without discoloration. In addition, it provides effective protection against all types of infiltration (dust ...).

- Its edges are polished to promote a greater incidence of lateral light quantity while sublimating the details and color contrasts of the work. The polished edges ensure superior visual quality.

- The back of the Diasec® has a 5cm aluminum frame that provides a solid and comfortable grip.

High Quality : the picture is placed between a transparent 3mm plexiglass and a 3mm plexiglass black background. The edges are re-polished by hand to provide a perfect finish.

Simple attachment system: An aluminum frame is then glued to the back of the Diasec®. Its recessed dimension gives the work great rigidity and a three-dimensional rendering.

In other words, the publication of Amaury Dubois's works under Diasec® gives them unmatched value and preservation. The Diasec® edition is recognized by art galleries, museums, and collectors around the world.


The stretched canvas provides an exceptional, very high-quality decorative effect to interior walls. Whether for a museum or an automobile showroom, or a storage place for vintage cars, canvas stretched over an aluminum frame adapts to all architectural constraints with custom dimensions up to 200x400cm. All of this offers the advantage of quick implementation and the possibility of evolution with controlled costs.

photo-collection-voiturePorsche 918 photographie

Amaury Dubois's works on stretched canvas are printed by thermal sublimation, a printing technique that allows extra-large formats of his works to be obtained, but which also provides a quite remarkable rendering quality because of the high definition that this print solution gives.

For an even more exceptional rendering, the prints are achieved using Ublock 240g blacking standard B1 canvas.
The aluminum frames have a 2cm thickness.
They are natural aluminum color but can be black on request.

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