Automobile Artist Photographer


1980 : Born in Lille France Flanders
1998 - 2002 : Art & Design St Luc Institute, Tournai, Belgium

«The idea is to recreate a mental vision of a car. When we evoke a model of car, there is not a single image which comes to the spirit, there is a stream of images which comes into the head. I freeze this mental process in a single picture, as the result we have a photography which goes out directly of our imagination.»

Artist who did a 4 year course in graphic design at St Luc Institute, Tournai, Belgium.

From a bedroom/studio covered up with graffiti to colourful fluid and mature paintings, this is the story of a man, Amaury Dubois, from Lille.

A man who paints life in motion.

The art photographies of Amaury Dubois on the theme of the automobile were revealed for the first time in 2016 during the autoshow Retromobile in Paris. His work is exhibited in different art galleries across Europe, but some of his pieces are also part to many European and international art collections (in France Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland Switzerland Portugal Brazil USA …). His last exhibition was in Singapore

Composed with hundreds of photos, his photographic assemblies about symbolic cars put forward the history and all the peculiarities which characterize these models. Amaury Dubois does not present us a simple automobile photography but the idea that we are made of these cars, all that inspires us, as a picture that we would take in our spirit.

Amaury Dubois is also a painter, discover his artworks on Artist painter

car photograph

Amaury Dubois's shooting

car photography



MUSEE DU MECANIC ART Place H. Salel 46250 Cazals France


Knokke le Zout : Momentum Art Gallery ( David Gerstein, Patrick Rubinstein, Sosno, Richard Orlinski, Carlos Cruz Diez...)

Mulan Gallery (Shi Wei, Simon Wee, Soh Ee Shaun, Sonny Liew Tan Ping Chiang....)

Galerie Jane Griffiths - Val d'Isère (Arman - Robert COMBAS - Hervé DI ROSA - ERRO ...)
Galerie Saint Martin - Arcachon - Megève (Jenkell - Klasen - C215 - Rubinstein ...)

Galerie Mecanica - Paris


2014 : TV - A painting for the last McDonald's ad campaign by Amaury Dubois
2014 : Lille - On behalf of the stadium, the artist Amaury Dubois covers spaces and provides a life-size mural on a favourite theme: sports and the hot stands of the Grand Stade of Lille. A gigantic work to be seen right now on the spot!
2012 : France - major thematic designs for the Grand Stade de Lille project, in partnership with NORPAC, a subsidiary company of Bouygues Telecom and Urban design for the city of Lille
2008 : Creation of a unique design for one particular Smart Mercedes Benz car


2016 : Singapore - Solo Exhibition Mulan Art Gallery
2015 : Belgium - Solo Exhibition Momentum Art Gallery
2014 : France -Retrospective - Lille - Cultural Center
2013 : France - Amboise - Cultural Center
2011 : France - Lille Gallery Annie Wable
2008 : Luxembourg Individual exhibition, art gallery Leukos


2017 : France - Paris Retromobile
2017 : France - Nice Auto Moto Sport Show
2017 : France - Paris Porsche Center - Porsche Art Exhibition
2017 : France - Chantilly Richard Mille Concours d'élégance
2017 : France - Paris Aston Martin Concession
2016 : Belgium - Auction in the profits of the UNICEF Belgium
2016 : France - Paris Retromobile
2015 : Luxembourg - Salon Antiques Art Fair
2015 : France - Galerie Wagner Group Exhibition
2014 : France - Poitier Art Fair ( Prize of the General Council)
2014 : France - Cannes Art Fair
2013 : France -Strasbourg - ST.ART art fair
2013 : France - Paris - Art Elysées Fair,
2013 : France - Lille - FIDAL First french business lawyer office, has chosen the opening night of the European Contemporary Art Fair "Lille Art Fair"
2012 : Belgium - Gent exhibition during the LINEART fair - 2012 : Cannes - Salon des Artistes du monde Art fair( Jury Award )
2010 : France - Le Touquet : Festival du Touquet
2010 : Luxembourg - Chateau de la Rochette
2006 : France - Lille "Lille 3000"
2006 : France - Paris Salon des Artistes Français


Artiste listed ARTPRICE also Drouot et Akoun
Prize of the Salon des artistes du monde - Cannes
Prize of the Salon des artistes - Lille MEL
Prize of the Conseil Général de la Vienne - Poitiers
Guest Honour Salon des arts - Lille MEL