Automobile, the leading American car magazine, is based on a vision of cars which is far from boring. That is probably why they took interest in Amaury Soares's work and awarded him the honour of a full article in their January 2017 issue. The magazine focused on Amaury's artistic appproach—“It’s about drawing attention to key design elements by playing with shape, color, and line.”
The artist's unique way of succeeding in “cramming high doses of movement and speed into a still image” is underlined in the article.

Exploring details and curves, playing with lights and contrasts to unveil what is usually left unseen—such is the work of Amaury Soares. It is not simply about capturing the image through the lens, it is about capturing his vision. Indeed, like a car collector or a lover of fine engineering, Amaury covets his subjects and fantasizes about them. “The idea is to create a mental image of a car, like a photograph of the mind.”

Whether the car is 308 GTB Ferrari, an Aston Martin DB5, a Porsche 918 or a Jaguar XK 140, each model results in an original creation and an expression of the artist's identity.

Read the article in Automobile—US edition 

Aston Martin DB5, Mercedes 300Sl, Porsche 911 Rs or Ferrari 250 GTE, these legendary cars have always been a source of admiration. Beyond the emotions they arouse, it is their entire history that the art photographer Amaury Soares freezes in motion. Composed of about a hundred photos, his "Tableauaux Automobiles" or "photographic paintings" display and destructure the original design of these exceptional cars, without distorting their soul, in order to bring them a new harmony and underline the particularities that make them so mythical. The photographic artist thus delivers us in photography, like a contemporary automobile painting, the vision he has of it, like a cliché taken in his mind.

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