Ferrari 308 Gtb Rally Ferrari Art Photo

Ferrari 308 Gtb Rallye Gr.IV Michelotto - 1977

Photography Signed & Limited | Edition of 30:

Edition of 10 on Diasec or Canvas on alu frame | Custom size over 100cm

- Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 308gr | 100 x 50cm

- Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 308gr | 80 x 40cm

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Ferrari 308 Gtb Rally Gr.IV Michelotto - 1977

When we talk about Ferrari, we immediately think of the prestigious supercars of the brand, as well as Formula 1, but rarely of rallies. However, the reared-up horse brand has also been illustrated in this type of event, especially in the 1950s and 1960s.

Approved in 1976 in Group 4, the Ferrari 308 GTB completed its first tests in Fiorano. Prepared by Giuliano Michelotto, the 308 GTB displayed 288 HP in its first rally in Sicily in 1978. Three years later, the 308 GTB was in the hands of French driver Jean-Claude Andruet. Its motorization now flourishes with 310 HP. The Andruet-Michelotto combination paid off, since together they would get the only Ferrari podium in the World Rally Championship.

Art photographer Amaury Dubois pays tribute to the Ferrari GTB Rally Group 4 which marked a decade of rally racing in Europe. With his unique technique and style, the artist delivers exceptional art prints where every detail and every curve reveals the firey temperament of this 308 GTB Rally.

Fine art Photography of the Ferrari 308 Gtb Rally 1977. Hundreds of photos assembled together to create an artistic vision. Photo creation "Ferrari 308 Gtb Rally" Signed & Limited Edition Print.

Art photographer Amaury Dubois gives us a personal and original vision of this Ferrari 308 Gtb Rally in a surprising and audacious conceptual work. Limited edition art photography, signed and numbered.

Collection : Art Photography, Ferrari, Italian car, Race Car.

Photography on Diasec plexiglass

Limited Edition & Signed + Certificate of Authenticity
Custom made edition from 100cm

The exclusive process of ®Diasec is the acrylic resin mounting of an image.
®Diasec is a registered trademark process specially designed for the enhancement and preservation of photographs, giving photographs unmatched value and preservation. The Diasec edition is recognized by art galleries, museums and collectors around the world.

Photography on photo paper

Limited Edition & Signed on Fine Art Print
Paper Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gr

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag® Paper is the favorite photographic paper for photographers to produce art prints. Internationally renowned, this paper offers a perfect clarity to the works, while guaranteeing a faithful and realistic reproduction. Each gradation, every shade of color produces a subtle effect that transcends the work to its smallest details.

Photography on canvas stretched on Aluminum frame

Custom format from 100 cm to 400 cm

The stretched canvas offers a very high quality decorative effect to the interior walls. Whether it's a museum or a car showroom, or a vintage car storage place.

The canvas stretched on an aluminum frame adapts to all architectural constraints with customized dimensions up to 200x400cm, all offering the advantage of a quick implementation and the possibility of evolution with a controlled cost.