Last month, I has lucky to be contacted by Angela DiMarzio, photo editor from "The Drive". Published I would like to thank her.

"The Drive" is a specialized website about automobile from the Time Inc group. So, this website is very famous, followed by more than 485 000 people on Facebook!

A big thank to Ben Keeshin who wrote this article ! He took the time to published a personalized post and he is an amazing writer !

Extract of this post :
" While the collage still bears the 918’s beautiful and aggressive shape, the magnification of several of the pieces allows a viewer to marvel at the thousands of precise pieces—wheels, lug nuts, aluminum pedals, titanium gas cap, hand-stitched interior—that make up the machine. It’s each of the car’s best angles, carved up and laid into a template of its silhouette. You need some art in your life; why not pick the stuff painted with the world’s most beautiful cars?..."