Ferrari 250 GTE Photo - Signed & Limited Photography

FERRARI 250 GTE I Fine art print

Ferrari 250 GTE Fine art Photography. Hundreds of photos assembled together to create an artistic vision of this car. Photo creation "Ferrari 250 GTE" Signed & Limited Edition Print.

Between the end of 1954 and until 1960, Ferrari did not produce a model with 4 seats. This has changed with the introduction of the Ferrari 250 GT 2 + 2, commonly known as Ferrari 250 GTE. Such a gap was surprising considering Enzo Ferrari's preference. Indeed, the two-seater models "were not my father's favorites," Piero Ferrari said. "He liked the 2 + 2, it was his personal car. My father was driving, but he always had a second driver and a small dog with him. So for him, a two-seater was not enough. "

The first prototype was made in the first half of 1959 with a bodywork designed and manufactured by the company Pininfarina, famous for being the historical partner of Ferrari. The development of the Ferrari 250 GTE also marks the growing influence of Sergio Pininfarina. In his 1962 test, Road & Track magazine wrote on the 250 GTE: "not only a great but glorious passenger car". When reading, Enzo Ferrari definitely had to think that he was one of the happy 950 owners who used it as a personal car.

Ferrari 250 GTE Limited Artwork

The Ferrari 250 GTE comes in a new form with the emblematic and interpretive work of Amaury Dubois. The combination of multiple shots and mastery of lines, shapes and lighting produces an original and innovative work, inspiring and exciting. Limited edition art photography, numbered and signed.

Collection : Art Photography, Ferrari, Italian carClassic Car.

Art Photo Ferrari 250 GTE I

Photography Signed & Limited | Edition of 28 :

Edition of 8 on Diasec or Canvas on alu frame | Custom size over 160cm

- Edition of 10 on Diasec | Custom size between 100 to 160cm

- Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 308gr | 100 x 50cm

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Diasec Plexiglass

Car Artwork photo in Limited Edition and Hand Signed
Custom made edition from 100cm

The exclusive process of ®Diasec is the acrylic resin mounting of an image.
®Diasec is a registered trademark process specially designed for the enhancement and preservation of photographs, giving photographs unmatched value and preservation. The Diasec edition is recognized by art galleries, museums and collectors around the world.

Photography on art paper

Limited Edition & Signed on art paper
Paper Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gr

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag® Paper is the favorite photographic paper for photographers to produce art prints. Internationally renowned, this paper offers a perfect clarity to the works, while guaranteeing a faithful and realistic reproduction. Each gradation, every shade of color produces a subtle effect that transcends the work down to its smallest details.

Photo on canvas stretched on alu frame

Custom format from 200 cm to 400 cm

The stretched canvas offers a very high quality decorative effect to the interior walls. Whether it's a museum or a car showroom, or a vintage car storage place.

The canvas stretched on an aluminum frame adapts to all architectural constraints with customized dimensions up to 200x400cm, all offering the advantage of a quick implementation and the possibility of evolution with a controlled cost.

About the artist photographer

Composed with hundreds of photos, his photographic assemblies about symbolic cars put forward the history and all the peculiarities which characterize these models. Amaury Dubois does not present us a simple automobile photography but the idea that we are made of these cars, all that inspires us, as a picture that we would take in our spirit.

«The idea is to recreate a mental vision of a car. When we evoke a model of car, there is not a single image which comes to the spirit, there is a stream of images which comes into the head. I freeze this mental process in a single picture, as the result we have a photography which goes out directly of our imagination.»

The art photographies of Amaury Dubois on the theme of the automobile were revealed for the first time in 2016 during the autoshow Retromobile in Paris.

His work is exhibited in different art galleries across Europe, but some of his pieces are also part to many European and international art collections (in France Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland Switzerland Portugal Brazil USA …). His last exhibition was in Singapore.

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