Porsche Motor

Art Photo Porsche Motor

Photography Signed & Limited | Edition of 30 :

Edition of 10 on Diasec or Canvas on alu frame | Custom size over 70cm

- Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 310gr | 70x70cm

- Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 310gr | 50x50cm

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Fine art Photography Porsche Motor. Hundreds of Porsche photos assembled together to create an artistic vision of this Porsche engine, a flat6 board. Photographic creation "Porsche Motor" Signed & Limited Edition Print.

The excitement of owning a Porsche is as intellectual as it is visceral. The pride and pleasure of such a property comes not only from its comfort, its control and its ability to drive, but also its freedom of temperament. A spirit that embodies a prestigious and exclusive lifestyle, some form of good taste and a passion in its pure state.

The Porsche LifeStyle is also reflected by its exceptional mechanical, flat6. More than 65 years of engineering and passion that have given birth to some of the most fabulous and powerful engines in the automotive world. Porsche is as comfortable on the racetracks as on the road: all the lessons learned on the circuits have been passed on to the production series, offering sports cars that reveal their DNA at each acceleration. By their reliability and their serious performance, Flat 6 Porsche engines generate both veneration and fidelity in some fans and deep emotions among many others.

PORSCHE MOTOR FLAT6 Limited & Signed Fine Art Print

The artist photographer Amaury Dubois pays tribute to the engineering and talent of the men of Porsche who imagined and designed this extraordinary mechanics in a work where valves, pistons, cylinders and injectors intertwine. A painting that reflects all the complexity of machines capable of the impossible. Porsche art photography limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist.

PORSCHE MOTOR FLAT6 photo on Diasec Plexiglas

Limited Edition & Signed + Certificate of Authenticity
Custom made edition from 70cm

The exclusive process of ®Diasec is the acrylic resin mounting of an image.
®Diasec is a registered trademark process specially designed for the enhancement and preservation of photographs, giving photographs unmatched value and preservation. The Diasec edition is recognized by art galleries, museums and collectors around the world.

PORSCHE MOTOR FLAT6 Photography on art paper

Limited Edition & Signed on art paper
Paper Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gr

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag® Paper is the favorite photographic paper for photographers to produce art prints. Internationally renowned, this paper offers a perfect clarity to the works, while guaranteeing a faithful and realistic reproduction. Each gradation, every shade of color produces a subtle effect that transcends the work down to its smallest details.

PORSCHE MOTOR FLAT6 Photo on canvas stretched on alu frame

Custom format from 100cm to 200 cm

The stretched canvas offers a very high quality decorative effect to the interior walls. Whether it's a museum or a car showroom, or a vintage car storage place.

The canvas stretched on an aluminum frame adapts to all architectural constraints with customized dimensions up to 200x200cm, all offering the advantage of a quick implementation and the possibility of evolution with a controlled cost.