For its new issue of Christophorus, Porsche France has chosen to highlight the very special work of Amaury Soares around the automobile. The brand therefore came to spend a day with the artist to discover his unique universe.
To understand his philosophy, his artistic path, the different stages of creation of his works, ... so many elements to be found in this beautiful report.
This day for Porsche is also an opportunity to highlight a particular model and to create the link with the car enthusiast that the brand comes to meet. For the occasion, it is with the brand new Porsche Speedster that Amaury Soares spent this day rich in memories.

A meeting that could of course only stimulate the imagination of the artist who took the opportunity to make a photographic work in his own way of the Speedster!

Thanks to Le Garage for its warm welcome on the occasion of this day of shooting.

Discover now the complete report on the artist, published in the Christophorus °396

Extract of the report:

"To stop in front of a photographic painting by Amaury Soares is to start a journey. The 356, 993, 911 GT2 RS or Carrera GT, whose drawing we know by heart, appear in a new light. We discover lines, edges, shadows, details on which the eye had never taken the time to rest. The interior and engine, which usually only reveal themselves to the owners, are revealed to give a full vision of a model, a kind of augmented reality printed on glass plate. Through his photographic creations, Amaury Soares invites us to rediscover iconic models that here take on a new dimension. Works born from a
technical frustration and a passion for Porsche inherited from a collector uncle!


To realize his photographic works, Amaury starts with a meticulous shooting session. He does not press a tube of paint but the button of his camera to capture no less than 500 images by multiplying the angles, the lights, isolating every detail. "Behind a car, there are people who have worked; behind a headlight or a fender, many people have put their know-how. That's what I'm trying to sublimate. For me, the work is like a house of cards: a miracle of balance thanks to the perfect arrangement of the different parts. Like a car. "The artist's imagination and the possibilities offered by the assembly allow the bodywork, a piece of the passenger compartment or a piece of the engine to appear on the same plane. "Each car has been designed as a whole. It's a way for me to show all its richness. I like to work on the details of a door sill, stitching on the steering wheel or the engine. The photo condenses everything that the eye would see when driving around the car, opening the doors and the hood. "Once the raw material is put together, the work itself is born. Then begins the creative process and the quest for the perfect puzzle.

Amaury will draw his muses from the depths of his memory, representing the models of his childhood. Porsche holds a special place in it. "It's one of the brands around which I love to create. First of all for this way of drawing a line with both consistency and nuance. A Porsche is recognizable at first glance among other brands, a specific model also among other Porsches. There is a timeless side that echoes my work that seeks to fix time. I also like the very technical and sharp dimension that emerges. You can feel that the goal is to always push the limits further. That's what we all try to do in our profession. "With his growing fame, the artist is also contacted by clients, seduced by his style, and eager to immortalize one of their models or their entire collection. Among the beautiful encounters he has had, Amaury remembers this American who placed a large order for paintings representing his collection to dress the walls of his 1,000 m2 garage!"


Photos by ©Clément Choulot