Flat 6 Magazine publication

Flat6 the leading monthly magazine dedicated to Porsche cars published an article about Amaury Soares's work on its emblematic cars. “His photographic montages, made up of hundreds of pictures, highlight both the history and the features that make these cars so legendary.

Amaury Soares does not present you with a mere car photograph but rather with your very idea of these cars.” Thus, the artist discusses his special relationship with the German brand, within the framework of contemporary art but also on a personal level. Through his photographs, Amaury explores his own vision of cars—his gaze lingers on several details of the photographed models which, once assembled, make up a contemporary composition. What stands out is the artist's sensitive and dynamic viewpoint, and how the instant is captured in a somehow moving shape.

As he expresses a deep respect for Porsche, Amaury has entered the very small circle of the artists who have endeared themselves to the specialised press. The plastic artist's work offers a personal vision of the subject he photographs, as he seeks to convey an emotion, a state of mind, and to enthuse the viewer. Such sensations are not so different from the values transmitted by the Stuttgart brand.

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