Art Photo Porsche 356 BT6 Coupe

Porsche 356 BT6 Coupe fine art Photography

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Fine art photography of the Porsche 356. Hundreds of photos assembled together to create an artistic vision of the car, a Porsche painting. Photo credits "Porsche 356"

The Porsche 356 is the first sports car manufactured by Porsche. Its history begins in 1948, when it left a sawmill transformed in Gmund in Austria, the Allied occupation forces being at that time the new residents of the offices of Porsche in Stuttgart in Germany. Based on the model of an improved Ladybug, the 356 experienced many changes until its production stopped in 1965.

The Porsche 356B was produced from 1960 to 1963 according to two types, the T5 and the T6, simply removed by slight aesthetic modifications, and available in coupé, cabriolet and roadster. A new variant of the 1.6-liter 60-horsepower engine equipping the Porsche 356A also makes its appearance, developing this time 90 horsepower. The Porsche 356B thus brings a certain degree of maturity, refinement and sophistication to the brand and thus to the ever more demanding Porsche customers. Among the personalities who owned a Porsche 356B T6, are Georges Pompidou, a great sports car enthusiast.

About The Porsche 356 photography

Like the former French President, art photographer Amaury Dubois is a passionate sports enthusiast, especially Porsche. He gives us in this table his version of a Porsche 356B T6 Coupe of 1963 with redesigned lines. This Artwork is available in Yellow korner Photo Gallery.

This photo was published in china's magazine : Artoto

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