Artoto China Publication

Thanks you to the "ArtOTO" China for this publication about my car art photography. See also the publication of the USA car magazine "Automobile"

Amaury Soares's work has repeatedly won praise in the specialized automotive press. It offers a personal vision of the subjects he photographs, seeking to convey “emotions, a state of mind, and to enthuse the viewer”.

Exploring details and curves, playing with lights and contrasts to unveil what is usually left unseen—such is the work of Amaury Soares. It is not simply about capturing the image through the lens, it is about capturing his vision. Indeed, like a car collector or a lover of fine engineering, Amaury covets his subjects and fantasizes about them. His style reveals his willingness to capture cars under every possible angle, the better to elaborate personal compositions which deal with the passing of the instant, with the fleeting moment in time which must be captured and reinterpreted. “The idea is to create a mental image of a car, like a photograph of the mind.”

Whether the car is an Aston Martin DB5, a Ferrari 250gte, a Porsche 911 targa, Laferrari or a Jaguar XK 140, each model results in an original creation and an expression of the artist's identity.

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All of Amaury Soares fine art car photographs are numbered and available in limited edition. Several formats and sizes are available depending on your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact Amaury Soares for any specific request(s) that you may have.