Art photo Aston Martin DB2

Art Photo Aston Martin DB2 - 1955

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"The Aston Martin DB2 is an expensive car designed to satisfy sports car connoisseurs and is not limited by financial considerations," wrote The Autocar in 1953. First-generation DB, the initials of David Brown, Aston Martin's new owner since 1947, the DB2 stands out thanks to its successful design and outstanding manufacturing quality, including the dashboard that combines brilliantly Conolly leather, wood and chrome. Launched in 1950 at the New York Auto Show, the Aston Martin DB2, with its sublime aluminum body and innovative folding front hood, im

mediately impressed and production of more than 411 specimens greatly contributed to the popularity of this model, exception. Some have even claimed that the low weight of the Aston Martin DB2 made it the most sporting car of its time. Even today, the DB2 remains remarkably cool, although it is over 60 years old.


About the Art Photography

By assembling hundreds of photographs of the Aston Martin DB2, art photographer Amaury Dubois, imagined new curves to this mythical sports car, giving it a new and audacious perspective, while preserving the classical charm, British soul that made her an Aston Martin of exception. Aston Martin DB2 art photography from 1955 by photographer Amaury Dubois. This photography is available at Yellow Korner Gallery

Amaury Dubois was born in 1980, he lives and works in the North of France. He took part of many exhibitions.

Amaury Dubois proposes us his interpretation of this classic car, by immersing it in the modernity and by decomposing it from every corner to better recompose it. Therefore, we can take advantage of each detail from this famous British car.

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