A few exclusive photographs have been selected in order to be showcased and sold in YellowKorner galleries throughout the world as well as on their website.

By making them available at YellowKorner, Amaury Soares wishes to make some of his car photographs accessible to as many collectors as possible while providing them with a guarantee of quality. Amaury Soares's commitment to quality is the reason why the photographs are on sale at Yellow Korner, which is a benchmark in the fine art photography trade all over the world. A

ll prints are made by a renowned professional laboratory. Five prints are available at the YellowKorner galleries—the photographs of the Ferrari 328, of the Porsche 356, of the 1965 Ford Thunderbird, of the Aston Martin DB2 and of the Corvette C1. Each print is available in four different sizes—Classic, Large, Extra Large and Collector. Shipping to galleries is free, as are returns within 15 days. Should you require further information, we invite you to consult directly the YellowKorner website, which will give you access to their entire collection. The rest of the collection is exclusively available on Amaury Soares's website.

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Regular photographs (numbered) and fine art photographs (numbered and signed) are available in print, limited number fine art photographs, posters, framed versions and plexiglas. Several formats and sizes are available depending on your needs—interior decoration, exhibition, special event, printed press, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact Amaury Soares for special requests.