Art Photo Corvette C1 I

CORVETTE C1 I Fine art print

Corvette C1 Fine art Photography. Hundreds of photos assembled together to recompose an artistic vision of this car. Photo credits "Corvette C1"

The Chevrolet Corvette C1 is initially a concept designed for General Motors Motorama events, the American auto shows of the time, the C1 found a demanding public and Chevrolet had no choice but to produce it for the general public. The C1 was a very special model, and its unique silhouette was its main selling point.

Such a roadster had never before been seen at Chevrolet during this period, as the sedans, coupes and other convertibles of the 1950s were all much larger and more similar to trucks in their style as well as their conduct. Today, the Chevy Corvette C1 is one of America's most popular sportswear collectors.

Corvette C1 artwork in limited edition

Art photographer Amaury Dubois proposes a personal and contemporary vision of this Chevrolet Corvette C1, in an original work that does not lack audacity and authenticity. Only available in Yellow Korner Gallery.

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