Art Photo Ford Thunderbird / T-Bird 1965

Art Photo Ford Thunderbird / T-Bird 1965

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Fine art Photography of a Ford Thunderbird / T-Bird. Hundreds of photos assembled together to create an artistic vision. Photo credits "Ford Thunderbird / T-Bird"

Unlike today, vehicle choices were quite reduced 50 years ago when the Ford Thunderbird was launched. There were sedans, coupes, breaks and convertibles, but a Ford remained a Ford: simple variations around a common design. However, with the first generation of T-Birds in the 1950s, Ford introduced the concept of a sporty, two-seater luxury car with a V8 and stylish styling. But the real take-off of the Ford T-Bird was in 1958, when it became larger and heavier (almost 2 tons), with 4 seats and a polyhedral shape that earned it its nickname "Square Birds" .

The Thunderbird Convertible of 1965, the fourth generation of T-Bird, had an expressive style and brilliantly represented this era, combining the flamboyance of space and a more formal side with its convertible top. Sitting on a 2.88m wheelbase, the size of this T-Bird suits our modern eye quite well. Considered by many to be a parade car, she was the "ultimate" of that period.

The artist photographer Amaury Dubois has endeavored to give a second life to the Ford T-Bird 1965, by redrawing certain details, sublimating what was already majestic, in an atypical and creative work. This photo is available in yellow korner Gallery.