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Mercure Art Photography

Mercury was a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company selling premium vehicles, but without offering models as luxurious as its older sister Lincoln. Throughout their history, from 1939 to 2011, the Mercury were essentially Ford cars with unique details of style and specific features meant to give a more glamorous side to Ford. James Dean appeared on the screen with a Mercury Eight 1949 cut version in the mythical feature film The Fury of Living.

About the Mercury photos

Photograph Amaury Dubois pays tribute to the disappeared brand through a personal vision of Mercury models, limited edition, signed and numbered art photographs.

  • Art Photo Mercury 1951 Photography Signed & Limited | Edition of 30 : - Edition of 10 on Diasec or Canvas on alu frame | Custom size over 70cm - Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 308gr | 70x70cm - Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 308gr | 50x50cmNeed Help ? Contact Art Photo Car

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