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MG, the renowned British sports car brand, has a long record and performance record. Indeed, several experimental prototypes have beaten several records of the world of speed and, in 1939, the EX135 came to tutoyer the 321 km / h with its 1 100 cm3! MG is above all a sporting spirit, from speed racing to rallies, with renowned pilots such as Georges Eyston during the interwar period, or more recently with Jason Plato.

About the MG photos

With probably the most modern and comfortable sports cars of the 1960s, MG displays sleek lines and a graceful design that artist photographer Amaury Dubois sets in a contemporary and geometric work, signed and numbered.

  • Art Photo MG Photography Signed & Limited | Edition of 30: - Edition of 10 on Diasec or Canvas on alu frame | Custom size over 100cm - Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 308gr | 100 x 70cm - Edition of 10 on High Quality paper Hahnemühle 308gr | 50 x 70cm Need Help ? Contact Art Photo Car

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