PORSCHE 911 3-2 Photographie III

PORSCHE 911 3-2 Photography III Black & White

Amaury Soares offers you a series of his detail photos, extracted from his shootings allowing the realization of the automotive works.

Timeless Elegance: Black and White Photography of the Porsche 911 3.2 Liters.

Detail of the 3/4 Rear Immerse yourself in the world of automobiles with this black and white photograph featuring a Porsche 911 3.2 Liters. This piece captures the 3/4 rear detail of this road icon, revealing the iconic power and grace of this legendary model. In this photograph, every line and curve of the Porsche 911 3.2 Liters is immortalized in a timeless monochromatic aesthetic.

The choice of black and white enhances the contrasts, highlighting the sleek silhouette and distinctive details of this iconic sports car. The composition of this image offers a unique perspective, showcasing the iconic design of the 3/4 rear, a symbol of mechanical perfection and timeless style of the Porsche 911. Every element of the photograph, from subtle reflections on the body to delicate shadows in the lines, contributes to creating an artistic atmosphere. The absence of color accentuates the timeless beauty of the Porsche 911 3.2 Liters, providing a unique vision that transcends eras.

This photograph speaks to car enthusiasts, design aficionados, and those who appreciate the perfect fusion of mechanical performance and timeless aesthetics. Add a touch of elegance to your space with this artwork that celebrates the epitome of automotive style and power.

Hang this black and white photograph of the Porsche 911 3.2 Liters in your favorite space, whether it's a living room, office, or a garage dedicated to car enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the essence of high-performance driving and automotive engineering."

Numbered and limited edition of 90 copies, available in photo print, under aluminium frame or on aluminium dibond.

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PORSCHE 911 3-2 Photography III Black & White

Limited and numbered photographie

Enjoy a finish on high-end photo paper, black aluminium frame or aluminium dibond.

Detail photographs are limited to 90 copies, all finishes included.

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Detail photograph

Limited & numbered car photo

In a concern of top-of-the-range finishing, the car photographs are proposed to you in edition on a Fuji photo paper. Far from being chosen at random, this paper meets all the requirements in terms of sharpness, brightness and color rendering, all in order to offer you the best possible experience.

Frame under aluminium frame

A sober and elegant design to sublimate your photo

Sublimate your photograph with our black aluminium frame and its high-finish plexiglass glass. The special attention paid to its corners and finish ensures that it is perfectly robust and durable. By its delicacy, it will bring a touch of refinement and elegance to your car photo, which you will only have to hang on the wall as soon as you receive it.

Photograph on alu dibond

A high-end gallery finish

Genuine photographic print made on our top-of-the-range Fuji photo paper and then applied on an aluminium dibond plate, offer you a finish equal to the standards of galleries. The absence of glazing ensures the purity and authenticity of the photograph allowing you to capture every detail. Only 3 mm thick and thanks to its aluminium bars on the back, you can easily fix it to any wall.

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PORSCHE 911 3-2 Photography III Black & White

PORSCHE 911 3-2 Photography III Black & White

About the artist photographer


Composed with hundreds of photos, his artworks assemblies about symbolic cars put forward the history and all the peculiarities which characterize these models. Amaury Soares does not present us a simple automobile photography but the idea that we are made of these cars, all that inspires us, as a picture that we would take in our spirit.

«The idea is to recreate a mental vision of a car. When we evoke a model of car, there is not a single image which comes to the spirit, there is a stream of images which comes into the head. I freeze this mental process in a single picture, as the result we have a photography which goes out directly of our imagination.»

The artworks of Amaury Soares on the theme of the automobile were revealed for the first time in 2016 during the autoshow Retromobile in Paris.

His work is exhibited in different art galleries across Europe, but some of his pieces are also part to many European and international art collections (in France Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland Switzerland Portugal Brazil USA …). His last exhibition was in Singapore.

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