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ASTON MARTIN DBS Art photography

Aston Martin DBS Fine art Photography. Hundreds of photos assembled together to create an artistic vision of this car. Photo  "Aston Martin DBS I" Signed & Limited Edition Print.

Fans of James Bond's films remember the memorable end of the Aston Martin DBS in Casino Royale, following a road trip to Montenegro and several barrels. These barrels have also made famous the stuntman Adam Kirley, the liner of Daniel Craig, since he holds with this scene the record of the greatest number of barrels at 120 km / h (7 in all). The Aston Martin DBS of Quantum of Solace was more lucky, although it also ended up in a very sad state after a hectic pursuit of 3 minutes in opening the film.

But before being a movie star, the Aston Martin DBS is above all a supercar that beautifully describes the motto of the brand "Power, Beauty and Soul". Equipped with a fierce V12 of 6 liters prepared, it tutoie the 300 km / h in top speed and reached 100 km / h in 4.3 s. Its elegant and classic design is reminiscent of that of the Aston Martin of its generation, with a degree of refinement typically British. The Aston Martin DBS is a hand-crafted masterpiece embodying all the finesse and quality of high-end English automotive craftsmanship.

Art photographer Amaury Soares staged an Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Edition, re-imagining its lines using a complex montage of hundreds of shots. This extraordinary work, resulting from an innovative and elaborate design process, is available in limited edition, numbered and signed by the artist.

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Art photography Aston Martin DBS 2016

Signed & Limited Large format art photography on Plexiglas Glass

- 230 x 120 cm | Limited to 1 Artist Edition

- 200 x 100 cm | Limited to 2 Copies

- 180 x 90 cm or 160 x 80 cm| Limited to 10 Copies

- 140 x 70 cm or 120 x 60 cm | Limited to 10 Copies

Price on Request by Contact.

  Photography with certificate of authenticity

  High-Quality Finishings

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The Diasec Method

Large Signed and Limited Art Photography under acrylic glass Diasec

Invented in 1969, the Diasec® is printing patented method highlighting photos and procuring an unparalleled conservation. 
Photos are printing on Fujifilm paper and then placed between two acrylic glass plates of 3mm thick. The bond between photo and glass is realised thanks to a chemical reaction between two liquids components. 
This method ensures a contemporary and luxurious look to your work of art.

Amaury Soares closely works with one of the few licensed photo labs of Europe.
The printing under Diasec is recognized by museums, art galleries and world art collectors.

The Diasec Quality

Assets of a high-end quality

An ultra-bright and transparent glass visual effect on each side of the work of art thanks to hand polished edges. The Light is intensely reflected and details are deeply spotlighted thanks to a highest colour contrast.

Furthermore, the bond of the photo to the Plexiglas without glue fully preserves the work of art of traces of glue, dirt and air bubbles.

 Lastly, the M1 class Plexiglas used for the Diasec method protects your work of art at 99.7% from UV rays. This way, photo will not fade and it will exceptionally preserved colours during more than 100 years.

The Diasec Finish

A considered finishing, in the finest details

After the Diasec edition of the work of art, a rectangular extruded aluminium chassis is fixed on its back. This structure rigidifies the work of art and offers you a simple and secure way to hang it.

This supporting structure also confers an exceptional spotlight to your work of art, thanks to a three-dimensional effect and the feeling that the work of art is removed from the wall.

Each step of the Diasec method is carried out by artisanal process, with a particular care for the finishes.

The work of art shows all it erstwhile, thanks to a highlight without no other similar of Amaury Soares’s art photo car !

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Art photography Aston Martin DBS 2016

Art photography Aston Martin DBS 2016

About the artist photographer


Composed with hundreds of photos, his photographic assemblies about symbolic cars put forward the history and all the peculiarities which characterize these models. Amaury Soares does not present us a simple automobile photography but the idea that we are made of these cars, all that inspires us, as a picture that we would take in our spirit.

«The idea is to recreate a mental vision of a car. When we evoke a model of car, there is not a single image which comes to the spirit, there is a stream of images which comes into the head. I freeze this mental process in a single picture, as the result we have a photography which goes out directly of our imagination.»

The art photographies of Amaury Soares on the theme of the automobile were revealed for the first time in 2016 during the autoshow Retromobile in Paris.

His work is exhibited in different art galleries across Europe, but some of his pieces are also part to many European and international art collections (in France Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland Switzerland Portugal Brazil USA …). His last exhibition was in Singapore.

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