French automobile magazine

Amaury Soares was born in 1980, he lives and works in the North of France. He took part of many exhibitions.

Automobile Magazine, leading specialist in automotive news in France, has decided to showcase Amaury Soares's work by devoting a two-page article to his art, highlighting its evolution towards sculpture, bringing his constructions into reality. Amaury Soares's work has repeatedly won praise in both the French and foreign car magazines, as evidenced by a recent article in Option Auto.

It offers a personal vision of the subjects he photographs. Like a collector with a car he is particularly fond of, he seeks to convey emotions, a state of mind, and to enthuse the viewer. Exploring details and curves, playing with lights and contrasts to unveil what is usually left unseen—such is the work of Amaury Soares. It is not simply about capturing the image through the lens, it is about capturing his vision. Indeed, like a car collector or a lover of fine engineering, Amaury covets his subjects and fantasizes about them. Thus, he shoots his subjects under multiple angles the better to capture their beauty and uniqueness. “The idea is to create a mental image of a car, like a photograph of the mind.” Whether the car is an Aston Martin GT12, a Ferrari 250 gte, a Porsche carrera gt or a Corvette C1, each model results in an original creation and an expression of the artist's identity

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